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Project Description
The project is a framework to help developers take advantage of the information that is stored as microformats on web pages and XML feeds in their .Net based applications.

The framework is completly flexible. Each microformat that you want to parse on a web page *you* configure, this means that as and when new microformats are introduced or existing formats are changed you only need to update the configuration file to take advantage of the new information.

The project is developed in c# and takes advantage of the SgmlReader for parsing non xHtml complient web pages.

This project is at a fairly mature stage at the moment. The framework parses microformats and nested structures. It can be used to parse custom structures in HTML that are not nessicarily a microformat.

Microformats will be parsed using stream readers so to minimise the memory footprint taken to parse microformats.

A MicroformatReader will be provided that allows developers of the framework to use Stream Reader semantics to obtain valid Microformats from an input stream. This offers a excellent level of flexibilty because it allows the input to be from any Stream based datasource. There is no intention to provide a DOM based microformat parser.

Only Microformats specified in the application configuration will be considered when parsing the input stream. Microformat Configuration Documentation.

Release 4

Release 4 is NOW AVAILABLE. There are many more fixes and enhancements to this project... This is a lot more stable than release 3. And it includes an installer so that you don't have to compile the DLL yourself for you to use it in your applications.

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